Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 3...sore

Day 3 we walked from Rowardennan to Inverarnan. The walk was 14 miles and supposedly the hardest of the whole way so we decided to get an early start. We left the Rowardennan Hotel (nice place, btw) at 8:20a.

The walk from Rowardennan to Inversnaid was the easy-ish half of the day. At Inversnaid there was a ferry (aka water bus) to Inverarnan if you so chose. The second half of the day was to be extremely difficult so Cathy decided the ferry was her route. She was already here with three so what's one more? =) Cathy rode the ferry with some friendly pensioners (retirees) and several other walkers who had heard horror stories of the second half of the day. She became friends with a lovely Swiss girl.

The walk today was beside Loch Lomond the entire time. It can definitely be classified as "waterfall day". There was a new, beautiful waterfall every few feet. It was awesome! It's one of those things, though, where you start to see so many they become less impressive. It's sad but true. In addition to the waterfalls, today was the first day we saw wild mountain sheep. I didn't realize they'd all have horns. They're clearly used to people because they don't run away.

The trail today was a mix of paths, rough paths, and what can barely be described as trails. At one point we scaled a rock wall. It was incredibly difficult at points to say the least. We did get to see Rob Roy's cave. It wasn't a cave so much as a collection of boulders on the edge of a lake.

Around 5p Eric, Jeff, and I arrived at Beinglas Farm. As we walked up from behind we saw Cathy walking up the front path. With such perfect timing we decided to all enjoy a pint on the sunny veranda. Did I mention it got up into the 80s today? We were all sweating!

Beinglas Farm looks a little rough - its not so much a farm as a campsite and a collection of cabins. It only looks ok but it turns out to be the nicest accommodation to date. We absolutely loved it!

In good news my blisters aren't getting worse nor is Eric's cold. In not so good news my rash is.

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