Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Walking day 1

Happy May Day!! Day 1 of our walk was beautiful. The weather the past few weeks has been rainy. Today was clear and sunny in the mid-50s. It's like it became perfect just for us. We met for breakfast around 7:30 and started the walk at 9:15. We saw so many dogs along the way it was ridiculous - pointers, setters, and spaniels mostly. The leash laws here must be different. Nobody had their dogs on a leash and the dogs couldn't have cared less about us. We saw a lot of sheep and lambs today. We also saw some red deer in a field.

About halfway through our trip we stopped at Glengoyne Distillery. The tour (and two drams) were fantastic! We learned you're supposed to say "slainte mtath" instead of cheers. Eric probably knew that. He's been telling us he speaks Gaelic.

Eric enjoys the countryside of Scotland. Everybody here can pronounce his last name. He's convinced that means he's Scottish. More to come on that.

We're all tired this evening. Tomorrow is 2 miles longer than today. Wish us all luck.

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  1. Doesn't everyone say slainte when they drink scotch? This is awesome! I'm loving the pictures and the stories. Sunny blue skies, dogs running about and deer in the field. Wow! Lorelei and I are dreaming about our next trip. Thanks for the inspiration.

    And Dustin...shopping again for fine porcelain china? Funny! Who knew?