Friday, May 11, 2012

Made it to Dublin

We've made it to Dublin. Tina and Matthew get here tonight. We're going to have dinner and visit. Tomorrow we're going to County Cork to do some sightseeing and sample some Irish whiskey's.

We went to the Guinness tour. We ate a surprisingly delicious lunch there and got our free drink at the Gravity Bar. It does have an amazing view of Dublin - of course it's hard to see it when it's so cloudy.

Looking forward to being back in a city. Should be fun!


  1. NIce picture. I can see that you are shopping again. This is becoming a pattern.

    Dublin again - yet another chance to try that black and white pudding. Also, be sure to check out the Irish sausage.

    I didn't realize you guys were going to Cork. Okay, if you go to Ballyvourney, look out for the Twomey name. My dad came from a small farm called Kippaughs (kip-pocks), it is near Macroom. You will also see some Twomey history there when my great, great, grandmother wrote a poem about the death of her son in the Battle of Macroom fighting the occupation of Ireland. My cousin will probably be playing some traditional irish music in the pubs for you.


  2. We have to shop. There's a lot of whiskey to buy here. We looked for antiques today. We'll be on the lookout for Twomey's. We're always hoping for live music. Slaintje