Saturday, May 5, 2012


Scotland or NW Missouri? The weather here changes quickly! We had 80s and hot yesterday. This morning it's cold and windy. We were all more tired last night than we realized so we got a later start - 9:15a for our walk from Inverarnan to Tyndrum. Everybody we meet has commented on how much harder this is than they were expecting. Cathy bought herself some walking poles to help.

Loch Lomond is behind us now. We all commented on how well the trail has done to mix up a variety of terrain/scenery in a very short amount of time. Today was really all about seeing big mountains but we walked through farms, open prairie, forests, marshes, etc.

The winds today were brutal! It was a head wind and it made the walking hard and cold! My rain jacket does a good job blocking the wind. I barely took my gloves off all day. About halfway through the day we took a side trip to Crianlarich for Cathy to get a stamp in her book (keeps track of where you've been on the Way). While we were there we stopped for soup. Turns out "veg broth" soup = vegetable barley soup.

By the afternoon we were all cold and a little crabby. We were ready to be to our B&B and out of the wind. Cathy has officially decided we're not walking across Scotland we're climbing across Scotland. She's right!! We stopped about 2 miles out for a spot of tea where we met a father/son walking the Way. Cathy asked them what they thought and she was elated when the son told her he thought it was hard - even more elated later when she learned he had recently hiked kilimanjaro!

Eric and Jeff decided to stay behind tonight rather than go to dinner. Eric is nursing his cold and Jeff wasn't hungry...even for dessert!! Cathy and I stepped into the pub and it was packed - no empty tables. Thank goodness we had met that father/son because they let us sit with them. We had a few hours of good chat over a few pints before heading back to the B&B. Thank you Andy and Simon Gerrard for the hospitality!!


  1. Ouch, that weather sounds like a real challenge! Keep up the hard work everyone! You are all going to have a big satisfied grin on when you get done. I can't wait to see all the pictures.

    So how was that veggie barley soup? Yearning for barbecue yet?

  2. The soup was delicious! Not yearning for BBQ yet. I think I've gained 10 pounds. It's all ale and steak pie =)